Legal Services in Narva

Legal Services in Narva

Updated on Thursday 02nd September 2021

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Legal Services in Narva

Narva is the third largest city in Estonia, situated at the border with the state of Russia. The city is in the vicinity of the river Narva which provides additional opportunities. The Estonian state has already allocated over four million euros in the infrastructure, housing and roads reconstruction. The city provides as well an economically safe climate with modern means of communication.

This city offers many opportunities to investors who are interested in opening a business here and our team of Estonian lawyers can help them, by providing a wide variety of legal services

Company formation in Narva

In Narva you can choose for whatever legal structure you think is best for your future company. The formation of an OÜ (Osaühing - private limited company) is a choice very frequently taken by foreign investors in Estonia. However if you consider that an AS (Aktsiaselts - public limited company) responds much better to your business strategy you can rely on our attorneys in Estonia to help you register your enterprise. 

Establishment of subsidiaries and/or branches in Narva

Another suitable option for investing in Estonia is to open a subsidiary or branch in Narva. Depending on your preferences the new legal entity might be set up so with independent personality as a subsidiary, or with less legal independence from the mother company, as a branch. Our attorneys in Estonia can explain you in detail the advantages of each option. 

Special permits or licenses for company activities in Narva

If your company in Narva will need to apply for a special permit or license, you can rely on the legal support of our law firm in Estonia for explaining you the legal framework of this country and the application procedures.

Mergers and acquisitions in Narva

When you decide to expand your business in Narva, feel free to call on our law firm in Estonia for legal assistance in a merging or acquisition process.

Liquidation and dissolution of companies in Narva

If the business activity of your enterprise in Narva has reached its end or you intend to approach other business prospects and close a company, it is recommendable to employ local attorneys to help you with the liquidation and dissolution steps

Corporate and commercial litigation in Narva

In difficult moments when your business in Narva is facing a legal dispute you can discuss with our Estonian lawyers the most advantageous method to settle it. Our attorneys can represent you in court, in litigation processes and provide you clear information on the relevant Estonian legislation.

Tax advice and planning in Narva

The profits of a company rely in great deal on the tax planning and tax minimization strategies. Our law firm in Estonia offers tax advice to our clients who intend to invest in Narva.
Other services we provide in this city include those for individuals, for example assistance when applying for permanent residency in Estonia if you have been living in Narva for a minimum number of years.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for any legal services you need to employ for the development of your business in Narva.