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We are a team of experienced lawyers with a strong background in financial and corporate law.

Law Firm in Estonia

Law Firm in Estonia

Updated on Monday 09th August 2021

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Having a wide experience in the legal field, our Law Firm in Estonia offer a wide range of services in consulting and legal assistance adapted to any type of client. Our lawyers’ work is a guarantee of reliability, efficiency and professionalism and they are always ready to make efforts to solve each problem in the most suitable manner.
Since the first meeting of a new client, the emphasis is on helping the client to understand the role of justice in his desire to solve the problem. Our lawyers use all the necessary time, effort and  resources in order to best prepare each case so that the client is fully satisfied.

Our membership in international organizations is a partner of BridgeWest and is also a proud member of  large international web portals, such as the web portal, as you can see below.
Our lawyer in Estonia can help you deal with economic and social change due to frequent legislative changes and they can also sustain you to become more competitive in relation to other state authorities or private companies.

Litigation attorneys in Estonia

Our experienced attorneys will offer you advice and representation in case of any type of litigations before the Court in Estonia. Partnering with a law firm is required even if there is no pending litigation (litigation and enforcement). Professional legal advice is very important for an accurate assessment of interests and also for a guaranteed success of your business. In this sense, our law firm provide qualified advice, assistance and legal representation before the Court and also before public and private institutions in litigation and enforcement procedures.

Open a company with the help of our lawyer in Estonia

When you want to open a company in Estonia you must be informed about all the phases required and for this we strongly advice you to ask a lawyer about the steps which must be followed. Any of our lawyers is able to guide you through the entire process, even though setting up a business in Estonia is an easy procedure. Our lawyer in Estonia will offer you support in drafting, obtaining and putting in order the specific documentation and they will also guide you to perform online the registration. You have to know that you will need the constitutive documents and the receipt from the bank confirming that the minimum share capital was deposited. By working with our lawyers the procedure of registering a company in Estonia should not take more than seven working days. Foreign investors who would like to set up companies in other countries, for example in Vietnam, Lebanon or in the Philippines, can receive assistance from our Asian partners.
A company in Estonia may take several different forms as provided by the Commercial Code: the private limited company, the public limited company, general partnership, limited partnership and the sole proprietorship. You should address to our lawyers before register a company in Estonia since each type of business requires separate actions and documentation. Our lawyer in Estonia can also help you in other business related matters, such as trademark registration in Estonia or VAT registration.

Company liquidation in Estonia

Closing a company in Estonia made by a voluntary decision taken by the general meeting of the shareholders or by the compulsory liquidation which is taken by a competent court. Our law firm is able to provide professional advice and consultancy in the liquidation procedure, even when the reasons of closing are of a compulsory nature, for example in cases of lack of organization of general meetings of the company for more than two years, the expiration of the term stated in the Articles of Association, the lack of management board election and others. Let our lawyers take care of this procedure for the best results in optimal time. 
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Assistance in taxation matters in Estonia

Our lawyers maintain deep professional relations with the best accountants in Estonia in order to provide the best services in the tax compliance field. Whether you are interested in tax payments, VAT registration or payroll services, our law firm will offer the best solutions for your business. Our lawyers have good knowledge regarding the legal framework and, if you are a foreign entrepreneur, they can also help you with your eligibility for double taxation avoidance, as provided by the Estonian Double Tax Treaties. In case you want to know the taxes your company has to pay in Estonia and if your country of residence signed a DTT with this country, please use our tax calculator. If you need the assistance of a lawyer in Estonia, you can rely on our legal team.

Debt collection services offered by our lawyer in Estonia

When you are involved in a debt collection procedure in Estonia, the best solution is to ask for our lawyers’ advice and representation in order to obtain the best result. We are able to help you in all the phases, starting with the amiable settlement and negotiations, full representation before the court, in the relations with public authorities and, when needed, we also offer our consultancy for the attachment and seizure of assets proceedings. Our lawyers in Estonia offer quality services and customized consultancy as it is your right that you your legal right in order to get to the best possible result.  
Our team is also able to provide tailored services to individuals, such as those for foreign nationals interested in moving to Estonia.
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