Wealth Management in Estonia

Wealth Management in Estonia

Updated on Thursday 02nd September 2021

Wealth-Management-in-EstoniaInvestment funds as wealth management tools in Estonia

The legislation regulating investment funds in Estonia has been enacted in 2004 when the Investment Funds Act was adopted. As wealth management tools, Estonian investment funds provide many opportunities for both local and foreign individuals. Other popular wealth management instruments are represented by pension funds in Estonia. Both investment and pension funds are managed by management companies Estonia. Among the most employed wealth management tools in Estonia are:
The Estonian legislation is very strict about the managers of investment and pension funds in the country, strict criteria being imposed for those managing these types of companies.

How attractive is Estonia as a wealth management destination?

Estonia has a well-developed financial sector that was reflected in investments in the real estate market during the last years. Private investors have preferred the real estate market as a wealth management tool over other investments.
Estonia is also one of the few countries in which investors may find more branches of foreign banks in the retail banking sector compared to the local banks. However, all banks cover a large number of segments providing investors various wealth management instruments.
The Tallinn Stock Exchange also offers many opportunities for those interested in trading stocks and bonds. There are also many small Estonian companies providing wealth management services, among them companies acting as investment advisory, portfolio management and securities brokerage. There are several subsidiaries of foreign companies providing wealth management services in Estonia.
Recently, reform measures were implemented in order to adhere to EU Directives such as the Market for Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). Furthermore, the Estonian authorities want to change the legislation in order to ease the cross-border provision of financial services in order to comply with the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) Investment Committee’s requirements.

Wealth management services in Estonia

Considering the multitude of Estonian companies in the wealth management sector, it is safe to say foreign investors will benefit from outstanding wealth management services. Among the available wealth management services available in Estonia are:
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