Start a Cryptocurrency Company in Estonia

Start a Cryptocurrency Company in Estonia

Updated on Wednesday 22nd September 2021

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Estonia is one of the most secure places in the world where to invest in cryptocurrency. Moreover the commercial legislation in this country encourages investors to set up companies, by providing a simple registration procedure and a transparent taxation system. Our law firm in Estonia is a place where any entrepreneur can find professional advice concerning the steps and requirements for opening a cryptocurrency company in Estonia

The cryptocurrency environment in Estonia

The virtual coins and the innovative financial technologies employed in cryptocurrency have found in Estonia not only an enthusiastic market but also a supportive government. This year the Estonian government may take the first steps in supporting the cryptocurrency initiatives.
The cryptocurrency companies set up in Estonia will require most likely professional employees in order to keep up with the last trends of this innovative field. In Estonia you will find specialized workforce and last generation technology available, both of which represent essential elements for a successful cryptocurrency enterprise in Estonia.
In order to explore as soon as possible the opportunities existent on the Estonian market in the field of cryptocurrency you may address our Estonian lawyers in order to find out more about the registration procedure for companies in this country.

Company formation requirements for a cryptocurrency business in Estonia

In order to set up a cryptocurrency company in Estonia entrepreneurs should contact the local business register in order to make a name reservation and to file a set of documents. A proof of your identity, a proof of a bank account and the articles of association are some of the documents you will have to provide. One of our attorneys in Estonia can help you elaborate these files and can handle for you the registration process, so that you can have more time for other tasks related to the initiation of your company.
There are multiple cryptocurrency business types depending on the main activity performed by each entity in this field. As such, through a cryptocurrency company you can provide specialized services such as:
wallet technologies (useful for the storage of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies);
cryptocurrency support (helping entrepreneurs in recruiting and adapting business concepts to cryptocurrency);
mining (providing technological infrastructure for cryptocurrency transactions);
record keeping (which provides transparency in public information);
The Estonian authorities do not require from the entrepreneurs strict conditions for the establishment of a cryptocurrency company. If you want to invest in Estonia in this sector you don’t need to apply for a special license. 
If you want to open a company and obtain the Estonia golden visa, you can discuss more about this option with our agents.
Don’t hesitate to contact our Estonian lawyers for more information on the particularities of the Estonian commercial legislation, in order to be prepared for the setup of a cryptocurrency company in this country.