Special Permits and Licenses in Estonia

Special Permits and Licenses in Estonia

Updated on Saturday 04th March 2023

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Estonia is a Nordic country with a strong and stable economy. Many foreign investors are motivated to open a company in this country. In order to conduct commercial activity in a certain sector, such as transportation and logistics, you will be required to obtain a license or a special permit. Our Estonian lawyers are prepared to offer legal instruction for obtaining any required special permits or licenses in Estonia

Which activities require special permits and licenses in Estonia?

The Estonian law encourages foreign interest and investment in the local economy by providing the same licensing regulations for both locals and foreign investors. There are several sectors which fall under these provisions, such as mining, public utilities and long distance communication. If an investor intends to operate in the production of pharmaceutics, tobacco or in the banking industry, he must first obtain an Estonian license or permit for his particular type of activity. 
Many companies in Estonia need at some point to initiate a building operation/activity, for warehouses or other projects. In such cases Estonian authorities require construction licenses. Depending on the sector of your company, you might be asked to obtain as well an environmental permit, which allows you the exploitation of natural resources and controls your manipulation of pollutants and waste.
Our attorneys in Estonia are ready to offer complete legal support in the obtaining of a special permit or license for your company.

Applying for special permits and licenses in Estonia

In order to determine what permit is required for your company you must first be registered into the Register of Economic Activities. You will need to apply for a license in Estonia when your company operates in one of the following sectors:
  • Transport;
  • Medicine;
  • Education;
  • Activities which have a direct impact on the environment;
  • Telecommunication and courier services.
Next, you must identify the relevant authority for your specific type of activity, whether it is a ministry or a governmental agency. Each license requires the payment of a fee, and the submission of an application.
In addition to information about special permits and licenses, we can also give you details about Estonian residency. Our team can answer questions about the residence permit, the state fees for the available types of permits, your rights as a resident, and how to renew the permit or change its type as needed. We can also give you details about e-Residency and how it is different. 
You are welcome to contact our law firm in Estonia which can support you with the application procedure for obtaining special permits and licenses in this country.
Business owners who have different questions about remaining in Estonia to run their business can address them to our experts in residency matters. Based on your particular case and your nationality, we will answer questions about temporary and permanent residency as well as the possibility to apply for citizenship in Estonia by naturalization, after a minimum number of years.
Immigration to Estonia for business purposes can be an attractive option for many foreign investors. Our team will give you more details about your options, based on the type of investment you are making in the country, and can also assist investors who are already in the country for several years. Once you have spent five consecutive years in Estonia, you can apply for permanent residency.