Residence Permit in Estonia

Residence Permit in Estonia

Updated on Tuesday 21st September 2021

Residence-Permit-in-EstoniaTypes of residence permits in Estonia

EU citizens wanting to establish in Estonia can stay for a period of maximum three months without the necessity of obtaining a residence permit. However, non-EU citizens require a residence permit in most cases according to the Estonian Alien Act. Residence permits in Estonia can be temporary or permanent. Estonian temporary residence permits are issued for five years.

The temporary residence permit in Estonia

EU citizens have the possibility to apply for a temporary residence permit with the closest local authority. In order to receive a temporary residence permit in Estonia, an EU citizen must submit the following documents:

  • -        an application form released by the Police and Boarder Guard Board,
  • -        valid passport or other identification document,
  • -        a passport-sized photograph,
  • -        a receipt after the payment of the state fee.

Within a month from the submission the applicant will receive an identity card that can be renewed upon expiration.

Non-EU citizens can obtain a temporary residence permit in Estonia in one of the following cases:

  • -        if the applicant is married to an Estonian citizen,
  • -        if the applicant has a close relative established in Estonia,
  • -        if the applicant works in Estonia,
  • -        if the applicant studies in Estonia,
  • -        for business purposes.

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The long term residence permit in Estonia

Estonian long term residence permits can be issued if certain requirements are met by the applicant. Among these there are:

  • -        the applicant has a valid short term residence permit and has lived for five uninterrupted years in Estonia,
  • -        the applicant has a registered residence, a health insurance and the means to support him or herself,
  • -        the applicant is familiar with the Estonian language and social system.

Foreigners are required to register their residence in Estonia with the population register. The registration cannot be delayed more than one month after entering Estonia or receiving the residence permit.

The residence permit for business in Estonia

Non-EU citizens owning shares in an Estonian company and that can support themselves are allowed to apply for an Estonian residence permit for business. The company must be registered with the Estonian Trade Register. Other requirements for a shareholder to obtain a residence permit for business in Estonia are:

  • -        the foreign shareholder has invested at least a minimum amount of 65,000 EUR in the company,
  • -        the company must draft a business plan that describes the company’s activities,
  • -        a financial report with a forecast for the following two years has been drafted,
  • -        the company must present a situation with its employees and their qualifications.

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