Open a Travel Agency in Estonia

Open a Travel Agency in Estonia

Updated on Saturday 04th March 2023

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Estonia is a developed country situated in northern Europe and it represents a popular holiday destination. Apart from Tallinn the capital, and other Estonian cities, there are as well natural touristic attractions such as the islands, the coastline and the national parks. So there are enough reasons for an investor to consider the opening of a travel agency in Estonia. You can work with our Estonian law firm who can facilitate the formation of your enterprise.

The steps for the set-up of a travel agency in Estonia

If you intend to open a travel agency in Estonia you will have to go through a company formation procedure. First you must choose the name for your business and check its availability. Secondly, you have to choose the appropriate legal structure from the available Estonian company types. In case you function already as a travel agency abroad, you could consider the option of opening a branch office or a subsidiary in Estonia. 
Another important aspect is to find a suitable property for leasing. The visibility that you could get from finding a good location could be enhanced as well by developing a flexible and transparent web page. In some situations, and depending on your activity, you might as well be in the situation to apply for a special license. You might need to open a bank account and even to apply for a credit in order to start your travel agency. You can count on the legal services provided by our Estonian lawyers which can assist you with all the documentation required for opening a travel agency in Estonia.

Types of travel companies in Estonia

If you intend to open a travel company in Estonia you should decide what type of services you want to offer to your customers. If you want to provide travel packages yourself then you can form a tour operator. Alternatively, you could sale services which were already designed by other agencies, situation in which you will be a travel agency retailer. There is also an option to develop a travel agency business, which has in focus the organization of business events as well as group holiday packages for team building and company consolidation.
We invite you to contact our Estonian law firm in order to facilitate the set-up of your travel agency in Estonia. Our local lawyers will help you obtain all needed documents and get familiarized with the specific legislation.
Foreign nationals who open a travel agency in Estonia and invest a minimum amount in their business can apply for a temporary residency in Estonia for business purposes. This permit will allow them to stay for up to 5 years, as long as the holder continues to comply with the applicable requirements. Our team can help you with information about a residence permit for business application or extension.
Investors who open a travel agency in Estonia and with to remain in the country for short, medium or long-term purposes can discuss the residence permit requirements with our team. We can answer all questions on the type of permit you require, based on your nationality. If you wish to remain in the country long enough to gain citizenship in Estonia, our team can detail the requirements. 
Immigration to Estonia is based on a clear set of steps, and foreign investors who open a company (whether in the travel sector or in another industry) can reach out to our team if they have questions about the initial temporary residence, followed by the right of permanent residence or a long-term residence permit, after five successive years lawfully spent in the country. 

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