Open a Textile Manufacturing Business in Estonia

Open a Textile Manufacturing Business in Estonia

Updated on Wednesday 22nd September 2021

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Open a Textile Manufacturing Business in Estonia

Estonia is a powerful exporter of textiles selling abroad more than two thirds of its fibre and clothing production. Entering this industry is an opportunity for foreign investors to extend their business activity in Estonia. Our Estonian lawyers can instruct you on the procedure for registering a company in this country and on the legal conditions in which a textile business can function in Estonia.

Basic data on the textile industry in Estonia

The Estonian Clothing and Textile Association (ECTA) establishes professional standards in the textile industry as well as educational programs in order to allow the formation of trained workers in this field. If you open a business in Estonia in the textile manufacturing sector it is important to maintain connection with this representative body. ECTA facilitates as well the circulation of information concerning specialized materials and equipment which is very useful for textile business owners.

Our law firm in Estonia is the right place to address your questions regarding the Estonian norms for the production of textiles and a reliable source of information concerning the legal conditions to open a business in this sector.

Requirement for setting up a textile business in Estonia

In order to start a business in Estonia in the textile sector you need to make first a name reservation for your enterprise. Secondly you will have to choose from one of the business forms under which to register your company. According to the commercial code in this country you can establish a private limited company(), a sole proprietorship (FIE) or a partnership, depending on the objectives of your investment.

Our Estonian lawyers can help you elaborate the required documentation to be filed with the Commercial Register in Estonia. This step can be performed within 6 months from the foundation by submitting an application containing the articles of association for the enterprise along other documents such as bank payments for the initial capital or identity files.

If you want to open a business and remain in the country, we can give you more details about Estonia citizenship by investment.

Don’t hesitate to contact our attorneys in Estonia through which you can facilitate the process of establishing a company in the textile sector in this country.