Open a Fintech Company in Estonia

Open a Fintech Company in Estonia

Updated on Saturday 04th March 2023

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Fintech is one of the most recent innovations which got the attention of the global markets. Nevertheless, the Estonians have already invested significant amounts of money in the development of this domain. Estonia has one of the highest rates of absorption of the new technologies, and this is visible in the increased interest of local as well as foreign investors in the Fintech domain in this country. If you want to open a Fintech company, our law firm in Estonia can provide you information on the legal requirements regarding the business formation procedure in this state. 

Particularities of Fintech domain in Estonia

Estonia was one of the first countries in Europe to get involved in Fintech. For a few years already, the most important players in the Estonian digital market have developed collaboration platforms and events in which to meet and discuss the further developments of the domain. If you intend to open a Fintech company in Estonia you can profit as well of the active framework which is provided by this country in the field of digital finance and of the highly skilled workforce available for this domain.
Some of the applications of Fintech in Estonia can be seen in Digital payments, automated wealth management services as well as online crowdfunding. The Fintech has a key role as well in the improvement of trading, insurance and risk management sectors of this country. You can rely on our attorneys in Estonia to explain you how Fintech companies are taxed and what incentives are offered by the Estonian government to start-ups.  

How to register your Fintech company in Estonia

The registration process for new companies applies as well for the Fintech businesses which are established in Estonia. Our Estonian lawyers can guide you through each step and help you comply with the standard procedure.
It is important to be acquainted with the legal forms available in Estonia before choosing the most suitable one for your Fintech company. A local bank account is also necessary for those who want to open a company in Estonia. You should make as well a name reservation and elaborate the documentation to be filled with the local business register in Estonia.
Investors can find out more about the option to obtain Estonia citizenship by investment from our experts.
Opening a fintech start-up business can allow the founder to apply for a temporary residence permit for business. This is awarded for a minimum capital investment in a business activity or for conducting business as a start-up. Conditions apply on the business idea and the applicant is required to submit certain documents. Our team can give you more information about residency in Estonia.
Feel free to contact our Estonian lawyers to find out more details about how to set up a Fintech enterprise in Estonia
Foreign company owners who wish to remain in Estonia to run their business will most often need to do so for permanent purposes. While you can easily remain in the country temporarily, as needed to solve important business matters, a solution could also be to apply for permanent residency. Our team can answer your questions about the types of residence permits and about Estonian citizenship.
If immigration to Estonia is something that interests you, you should know that the right for a permanent stay in the country can be acquired after five successive years lawfully spent in the country. for EU/EEA citizens this comes in the form of applying for the right of permanent residence, and for non-EU/EEA nationals this is in the form of a long-term residence permit.