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Immigrate to Estonia from Ukraine

Updated on Saturday 04th March 2023

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Immigrate to Estonia from Ukraine.jpgUnder regular conditions, in order to immigrate to Estonia from Ukraine, foreign nationals would be required to apply for a temporary residence permit, followed by a permanent one.
Ukrainians can benefit from a temporary visa waiver and are subject to different, specific conditions.
If you wish to relocate to Estonia from Ukraine, our team will provide you with the needed assistance and advice to safely arrive in Estonia and remain here as permitted on a temporary (or permanent, if possible) basis.
Our team will offer guidance and assistance for obtaining temporary residency in Estonia based on your special situation as a Ukrainian national. If you are a business owner in Ukraine, we can give you details about the Estonian authorities’ effort to ensure the possible relocation or businesses, in order to ensure their continuity. Please contact us for personalized assistance. 
Our lawyers in Estonia specialize in all matters concerning immigration and can assist Ukrainians to wish to enter and remain in the country.

Visa waiver for Ukrainians entering Estonia

Under a special waiver, Ukrainian citizens are permitted to enter Estonia without a visa. This is done on a temporary basis, and Ukrainian citizens will apply for an application for asylum and international protection.
The Ministry of Social Affairs is the entity responsible for providing the assistance for those applying for international protection.
Our team answers below some of the most common questions concerning the situation of a Ukrainian citizen entering the country:
Do I need a visa?
No. Ukrainian citizens and their families do not need a visa to enter Estonia, they only need a valid travel documents. This is a temporary measure.
What travel document to I need?
A passport is required. This can be both a biometric and a non-biometric one.
What are the steps after I enter Estonia?
Ukrainian nationals are expected to apply for temporary international protection. The Estonian authorities are also offering support for those who do not have a place to stay.
Can I work in Estonia?
Yes. Ukrainian citizens who arrive in Estonia can start working in the country, provided that their employer registers them for short-term employment.
Can I find assistance in Estonia?
Yes. The authorities provide both access to medical help, as well as psychological support through special support lines. For assistance and counsel regarding your rights and the immigration process, you can reach out to our lawyers in Estonia as soon as you enter the country.
Ukrainian business owners can take into consideration relocating their companies to Estonia, should the continuation of their business in their country of origin prove impossible.
Our lawyers in Estonia can also give you all of the needed details on how to redomicile an existing company.

Temporary and long-term stay in Estonia

Individuals who arrive in Estonia for the purpose of relocation under regular circumstances are required to apply for a residence permit that will suit their stay. These include the following:
  1. Work: when a foreign national has obtained employment with an Estonian employer;
  2. Business: for entrepreneurs and investors who are able to open a company in Estonia;
  3. Join a family member: for those who have a spouse or another qualifying family member already living in the country;
  4. Study: for foreign nationals who have been admitted to a university, educational programme or another educational institution in Estonia.
When they do so, they are subject to an adaptation programme designed to allow them to integrate and learn the language.
Those who immigrate to Estonia from Ukraine under the special conditions described herein they will benefit from a separate programme intended for settling in the country.
If you are already in Estonia, or plan to immigrate to Estonia from Ukraine, our team can provide special assistance.
Ukrainian nationals who have questions about Estonian citizenship can reach out to our team of immigration experts. The naturalization process is one based on a set of mandatory requirements for the applicant, among which we underline the importance of having spent at least five years on a permanent basis in the country. We can help you if you are ready to apply.
Contact us as soon as you are able to and one of our lawyers in Estonia will kindly guide you through the entire settlement process.
We assist all foreign nationals who are interested in immigration to Estonia. If you are not a Ukrainian citizen but are interested in the available types of temporary residence permits, as well as how you can apply for permanent residence after five successive years spent in the country, you can reach out to us. Our team provides personalized assistance, according to nationality.