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Immigrate to Estonia from UK

Updated on Monday 05th June 2023

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In order to immigrate to Estonia from UK, a British national will need to acquire a residence permit suitable to his or her purpose of stay. This is a temporary residence permit, which can be extended and, in time, the holder will be able to apply for permanent residency and, if desired, even citizenship.
Estonia has an immigration quota and according to this, the number of applicants shall not exceed 0,1% of the country’s permanent population per year. Two exceptions apply to this rule: for US or Japanese citizens, or for foreign nationals who require a residence permit for the purpose if engaging in research or study activities in Estonia. If you qualify for the latter as a UK researcher, the team at our law firm in Estonia assist you with your application.
Understanding the requirements before you decide to immigrate to Estonia from UK is useful for all applicants. Our team answers some of the most important questions about lawful residency in Estonia in this article and, upon request, can assist you throughout your application for a residence permit.

Types of temporary residence permits in Estonia

Obtaining a temporary residence permit is a precondition for all British nationals who wish to relocate to Estonia from UK. The temporary residence permit can be issued for:
  • Family reunification with a spouse or a close relative;
  • Employment;
  • Study;
  • Business.
The conditions for each of these types of temporary residence permits differ as distinct documentation, as well as general documentation, is required for each permit type.
Employment in Estonia for foreign nationals is possible when the applicant has obtained employment with an employer registered in Estonia. Employment is possible for scientific research, as a top specialist, as a temporary agency worker, as well as for working at a start-up in Estonia, or as a transferred employee.
Below, our team highlights the main documents required for an employment temporary residence permit for those who wish to move to Estonia from UK:
  • application form for a temporary residence permit;
  • 1 digital, coloured photograph;
  • proof of state fee payment;
  • documents concerning the type of work that will be performed in Estonia (top specialists, temporary work, creative activities, research, sports official, consultant, start-up).
The employer who hires foreign nationals in Estonia needs to observe certain salary criterion, along with the general conditions set forth in the Employment Contracts Act. Our lawyers in Estonia can give you complete details about your rights as an employee and can help answer any questions about the Estonian labour law.
The following state fees apply to applicants who wish to immigrate to Estonia from UK:
  • Temporary residence permit for employment: 96 EUR;
  • Temporary residence permit for business: 160 EUR when applied for in Estonia;
  • Temporary residence permit for business: 190 EUR when applied for at a foreign representation.
Applicants can get in touch with our Estonian lawyers before they submit their application in order to receive updated information, if need be, on the applicable fees.

Remaining in Estonia permanently

The main goal of many of those who choose to relocate to Estonia from UK can be to remain in the country indefinitely.
Settling permanently in Estonia is possible by following the following conditions for obtaining a long-term residence permit:
  • the applicant has been living in the country based on a temporary residence permit;
  • the foreign national has resided in Estonia permanently for five years;
  • the individual is well adapted in Estonia, has permanent legal income, is covered by health insurance and has sufficient knowledge of the Estonian language (at least B1 level).
The conditions to obtain Estonian citizenship are also related to the applicant’s long—term stay in the country, as well as sufficient integration into the country, along with the proven assimilation of Estonian culture.
If you want to immigrate to Estonia from UK our team can help answer questions according to your unique situation.
Contact us if you are interested in immigration to Estonia or if you have questions about other matters.