Estonia - UK Double Tax Treaty

Estonia - UK Double Tax Treaty

Updated on Saturday 04th March 2023

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Estonia and UK have entered into a double tax treaty in May 1994. Through this convention the two countries avoid the double taxation thus ensuring advantageous conditions for the development of commercial bonds. Investors in UK and in Estonia have privileged taxation conditions for the income or for capital gains, one of the main purposes of the treaty being to offset the amount of taxes charged on investors. Our law firm in Estonia can provide consultancy regarding the double taxation treaty concluded between UK and Estonia.

The reduction of taxes according to the tax convention UK-Estonia

The beneficiaries of the Estonia - UK tax convention are residents of one of the two countries, individuals as well as companies. According to the provisions of the double tax treaty signed between the UK and Estonia, any income received from interest, dividends, royalties, and capital gains is taxed at a reduced rate. The capital revenues referred to by the convention, include income from properties, salaries and pensions. 
Since one of the main purposes of the tax convention is to prevent double taxation, the treaty provides as well several methods through which some of the tax amounts charged on a company can be returned to the investor. Through the credit method, a tax charged in the source country can be returned in the resident country upon an application for a credit in value of the respective amount of the tax. The investor has the option to reinvest the money thus returned in the business. 
The provisions of the double tax treaty UK-Estonia refer not only to the income tax, but also to the corporation tax and the real estate tax.
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Advantages of the tax convention between UK and Estonia

A benefic effect of the double tax treaty UK-Estonia is that it provides tax exemption or tax reduction for some of the revenues of companies. The optimal tax climate insured by the convention allows the development of strong economic ties between the two countries, and the base for future partnerships. The cooperation between the two economies is thus encouraged. 
Another important advantage of the UK-Estonia tax treaty is the introduction of the return methods in order to rebalance the income which might have been overtaxed. The friendly tax conditions, the increasing transparency and safety, encourage investors in one country to extend their commercial activity in the other.
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