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Citizenship by Investment in Estonia

Updated on Monday 20th September 2021

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Citizenship by investment in Estonia.jpgForeign investors can obtain Estonia citizenship by investment if they choose to open a business or make a substantial direct investment that will first grant them a temporary residence permit, followed by a permanent one and, ultimately, the option to apply for citizenship by naturalization.
Several investment routes are available to those who wish to start a business, however, our lawyers in Estonia can also give you information about acquiring citizenship after having lived in the country under a permanent residence permit as an employee.
The conditions for the residence permit for business purposes are outlined below.

The investor visa in Estonia

Foreign nationals who are able to open a company or start an activity as a sole proprietor in the country can obtain a residence permit for business purposes. Likewise, they can also choose to form a start-up company or make another type of substantial investment.
The main conditions are listed below:
  • Business: foreign nationals can invest in a business activity in the country with a capital of at least 65,000 euros;
  • Self-employed: entrepreneurs conducting business as sole traders make a minimum investment of 16,000 euros;
  • Start-up: the investor visa in Estonia also have an option for opening a startup company, however, a prior evaluation by an expert committee is needed;
  • Major investor: for those who are able to make a direct investment of at least 1,000,000 euros in an Estonian company or an Estonian investment fund.
When opening a company, the Estonia golden visa is warded based on a number of criteria, and the business plan (idea and panned activities, among with the development plans and the available assets) are to be presented, along with a financial prevision for the first two years.
Investors who are outside Estonia at the time of the residence permit application submit it with the Embassy or Consulate in their country. Those who are already in the country make their submission with the Police and Border Guard Office. Our lawyers can help you throughout the application process.
The residence permit for purposes allows the holder to obtain a temporary residence permit. Estonia citizenship by investment is obtained after having lived in the country for eight years based on a permanent residence permit.
Our team of lawyers in Estonia can give you more information about the manner in which citizenship can be obtained. One should also note that several other conditions apply when making a request for Estonia citizenship by investment:
  • having adequate knowledge of the Estonian language (passing a proficiency test);
  • passing an exam concerning the Constitution and the Citizenship Act and being loyal to the Estonian state;
  • having permanent legal income and a place of residence, along with being registered in the population Register.

Important information for those applying for the Estonia golden visa

Estonia also implements an e-residency programme, effectively allowing foreign nationals to open a business in the country from their own country of origin. The e-resident obtains a digital identity that allows him to obtain an electronic identity that will allow for easy online company formation and online company management.
Opening a company via the e-residency option is not the same as obtaining a residence permit for business purposes, which is the goal of those who wish to obtain Estonia citizenship by investment. The E-residency does not offer the right to enter the country or the EU, it does not grant residency rights and is not a substitute for tax residency.
Estonia imposes an immigration quota which does not exceed 0.1% of the resident population of the country per each year. The immigration quota does not apply to US or Japan citizens, nor to those who work in a start-up or with start-ups or those who apply for a residency permit as a majority investor.
If you need assistance in applying for a residence permit, our immigration lawyers can help you at any point during the process and once you are in the country.
Foreign nationals who are considering applying for Estonia citizenship by investment have a number of advantages when they choose to open a company here. Among these we list the qualified workforce, the business-friendly regulations, a strong startup community and good regional development, good infrastructure and an attractive tax system.
Do you want to apply for a residence permit for business and ultimately obtain Estonia citizenship by investment? Our lawyers can help you.
Contact our law firm in Estonia for complete information about our services and for details about the immigration policy and the options available to foreign investors.