Competition Law in Estonia

Competition Law in Estonia

Updated on Monday 13th March 2017

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Competition Law in Estonia.jpgThe Competition Law in Estonia is a set of regulations which has been adopted in order to adjust market competition. This act which has been passed in 2001, and consolidated in 2012, has to be respected by all companies established or functioning in Estonia. Our Estonian lawyers can inform you in detail about the provisions of the Competition Law so that you can develop safely your enterprise in this country

Main provisions of the Competition Law in Estonia

The Competition Law in Estonia does not apply only to enterprises but also to the state and the local governments, as well as to all legal persons who get involved in the Estonian goods market
One of the main provisions of this Act is the prohibition of agreements between undertakings in order to manipulate or restrict prices, or control and limit the overall production, deliberately disadvantaging other participants to the market. 
The Competition Act in Estonia prohibits as well the exchange of information between enterprises to the effect of restricting competition and obstructing the fluency of the free market. The Competition Act in Estonia is not entering the domain of the labor market and does not make provisions in this sector. 
There are several sections of the Competition Law which refer to state aid and to the conditions for its application. However a powerful accent is put on the unfair competition which is described as consisting of dishonest trading practices such as launching misleading information or using confidential information.
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Advantages of the Competition Law in Estonia

One of the main purposes of the Competition Law in Estonia is to maintain a free competition between the enterprises and to let the market evolve naturally according to the capitalist principles. 
The prohibition that the Competition Act imposes manages to avoid the situations in which dominant participants to the market abuse their strong positions, such as exclusive rights or control over specific facilities. 
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