How to Obtain E-residency in Estonia


The E-residency has been developed by the Estonian state in order to simplify the residency issues to foreign investors. The principal advantage offered by an e-residency card is that it facilitates the access to the public and private sector, even for those who don’t live in this country. Our law firm in Estonia can answer to your questions regarding the eligibility for an e-residency card in this country and can help you through the application.

What is e-residency in Estonia?

The E-residents in Estonia get an ID card in digital form which allows them to sign documents and access resources in a safe mode. This facility has convinced already many big international names worldwide to sign up for it. This technological instrument has offered an answer to the difficulties which were rising in the field of secure identities and has helped entrepreneurs with remote business management. For many it represents another strong reason to invest in Estonia, along the pro-business legislation and governmental incentives. 
Our Estonian lawyers are ready to explain in more detail the advantages provided by e-residency in Estonia such as the possibility to start a company online or digitally sign your contracts from anywhere in the world.

Steps in obtaining e-residency in Estonia

The way in which you can obtain an e-residency in Estonia is through the online form provided by the Estonian government. In the form you will need to motivate your request through a detailed description of your activity and business in Estonia. Along the application you are required to pay as well a 100 euro fee.
Within 10 days the application is processed by the authorities. Your identity and the data provided in the form are verified by the Estonian state institutions and your ID card is released together with a card reader. This allows you instant access to a set of useful business services as well as a trusted network of financial specialists and accountants.
Feel free to contact our law firm in Estonia for any questions regarding the e-residency application conditions as well as for any other legal services in this country.