Articles of Association in Estonia

Articles of Association in Estonia

Updated on Monday 04th May 2020

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If you set up a company in Estonia you will need to look for legal guidance in the elaboration of the articles of association. Also named articles of incorporation in some countries, these are the documents through which the internal relations in the enterprise are regulated. These can be made available to the public either for free or for a minimal fee, depending on the policy of the companies.

Our law firm in Estonia can provide foreign investors with assistance in the writing of the articles of association so that you can elaborate these documents along the local legal provisions. They can also help you open a bank account in Estonia.

What is contained in the articles of association in Estonia? 

The articles of association in Estonia are so important because they contain information on the voting rules in the company. They are like a law regulating the functioning of the enterprise. These documents are structured in chapters and paragraphs which regulate aspects such as membership and the rights and obligations of the shareholders.
The attributes of the board as well as the main objectives of the company must be specified in the articles of association. In the general provisions contained in these documents, a company in Estonia must specify its name, location and other formation data such as the legal structure in which it is organized. 
You can rely on the experience of our attorneys in Estonia to help you elaborate each paragraph of the articles of association for your company. 

Estonian provisions concerning the articles of association

The main law which regulates the elaboration of the statutory documents in Estonia is the Commercial Code. In case the articles of association for your company contain elements which come in contradiction with the Estonian law you will be allowed for six months to resolve this issue. 
The articles of association should as well be notarized and signed by the members of the board. One of our Estonian lawyers can help you select the data which needs to be included in the statutory documents of your business. 
Feel free to contact our law firm in Estonia in order to benefit from professional assistance when you take one of the most important steps in the formation of your company: the elaboration of the articles of association.