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Tenant Eviction in Estonia

Tenant Eviction in Estonia

Updated on Thursday 16th November 2017

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Tenant eviction is regulated by the Property Law in Estonia which was issued in 2002. This law specifies the obligations of a possessor, the circumstances in which possession is considered legal, as well as the rights a tenant has based on lease agreements. You can rely on our law firm in Estonia who provides professional legal services to all our clients and counseling regarding particular cases related to tenancy in this country.

Key issues regarding tenancy in Estonia

There are two types of lease contracts in Estonia: commercial lease - usually signed by enterprises requiring space for offices - and the residential lease, used by individuals and families. The Estonian law does not impose a limitation on the maximum term of a lease. A tenancy can be interrupted (and a tenant evicted) with prior notice and based on relevant arguments. At the same time, a tenant may contest the eviction, or even claim extension of the lease period if motivated by specific circumstances.
One of our Estonian lawyers can point out the hidden risks involved in the signing of lease agreements in this country, so that you can use the Estonian law in your advantage, regardless whether the property in question is used for business or private life purpose. 

Details concerning tenancy in Estonia

Estonia has gone through an important phase of modernization of the legal system and the rent control has been one of the issues dropped through the legal restructuration in the 90s. However both tenants and lenders need to respects certain provisions which are usually stipulated in the lease contracts. The Tenancy Law and Housing Policy regulates all the details concerning the landlords and tenants’ rights in this country.
A lender has the right to increase the lease periodically but only once in a year, with a precisely calculated amount. Moreover the lease contracts are usually signed for at least 3 years. The municipality is in charge with the tenants eviction issues, and tenants have several defenses available against eviction abuses. You may employ some of the legal services provided by our Estonian lawyers in order to make sure you claim your rights under the Estonian Property Law.
Don’t hesitate to contact our attorneys in Estonia in order to have legal support in the elaboration and signing of a lease agreement in this country and protect yourself from the risk of tenant eviction


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